About Michelle

About Michelle

Hello, hello! Welcome to Craft Cradle!

Whose hands are rocking it, you ask? That would be me – a blessed daughter and sister in a testosterone-dominated home brought up in the tropical country of Malaysia, and now a happy wife in New Zealand.

I have always had a liking for handicrafts, having made simple cards and felt plushies in my younger days. Think lots of sketching and cutting with my muggle/ no-maj pair of scissors… It was only in July 2015 that cardmaking became a bigger part of my life as I discovered clear stamps, steel dies, inks and markers among many other crafty toys. Yeah, late bloomer, I know.

But, wait a minute, just because I have been crafting for a while now does NOT make me good. In fact, those kids that excelled in arts at school? That was not me! But I am going to keep crafting anyway. And you should too.

So, come with me as I continue my voyage into the magical world of craft!