Cherrylana Design Team Call

Today, I learnt a new word – Дизайн-Команду (pronounced as Dizayn-Komandu, please correct me if I am wrong) – which means Design Team in Russian. What excites me more than this fascinating language, is a new-to-me stamping brand called Cherrylana Designs. I know, even the name sounds exquisite! If you have been living under a rock (like me), just take a look at their dazzling products. My favourites are the floral and (yes, bilingual) sentiment stamps and I can’t take my eyes off those iridescent sequins.


When I saw that they were having a Design Team Call, I knew it would not be an easy feat, but it was an opportunity too good to pass up. In this age and time when crafters are spoilt for choice with the diverse range of crafty supplies worldwide, it is not everyday you come across products that connect with you. And those peonies, bunnies, calligraphy sentiments… They speak to me! Well, sometimes in Russian, but we’ll get there.

Looking back at my crafting journey since July 2015, I am blessed beyond words for every single crafty friend I met for their kindness and support. Some have played a bigger role than others in helping me develop my love for crafting and *ahem* expand my stamp collections. I remember sketching on a piece of paper to create a card for Mother’s Day, and trying to replicate brush lettering from a Google image for my best friend. Bear in mind that I consider myself far from artistic – I am but an ordinary girl who happened to love crafting and handmade cards. I am glad those nightmares days are far behind me now, thanks to the passionate, creative people in the industry who constantly bring us wonderful products (and a husband who tries very hard not to frown at my growing stash – I love you ).

Suddenly my muggle/ no-mag pair of scissors were not good enough, so I upgraded to steel dies, which led to a Big Shot machine, and now a ScanNCut machine… But, that is a story for another day. Can you relate to this?

With the hopes of getting into the Design Team to “work” and learn alongside creative minds, I would like to officially submit my application. If given the opportunity, I foresee lots of fun and laughter as we motivate and help each other towards building the team and the brand. Heck, we may even pick up a word or two of each other’s language!

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If you are looking for a challenge or needing a motivation in crafting, I encourage you to take a leap of faith and give this Design Team Call your best shot. Application closes 1st of May. Let me know in the comments what are your experiences applying for Design Teams, or if you have any plans of doing so.

Thanks for dropping by. All the best and take care, everyone!