Hello from Middle-Earth!

Well, technically that is correct. I am writing from New Zealand after all. Ha!

Hello, hello! Boy, it sure feels great to be back with my “old” crafty friends after a nine-month hiatus! Yes, I know how bad it is and I am sorry. That’s two hundred and seventy days, dua ratus tujuh puluh hari, 两百七十天, deux cent soixante-dix jours! For those who are new, welcome and thanks for following the blog. I am so ever grateful to have every one of you aboard my crafting journey.

Most of you who are on Instagram may know that I have not been completely out of touch with crafting (no, I have not been sitting on my bottom…not all the time). With work commitments increasing and crafting mojo at an all-time low, I find myself having difficulty creating let alone blogging.

BUT, this is about to change, for I will be putting in extra effort to keep my blog updated. Let’s start with fortnightly… or monthly.


So what have I been up to, you ask? I took part in my first ever craft fair! A neighborhood Taekwando Club threw a fundraising market day so I signed up for a spot. A wee bit out of my comfort zone, but it turned out to be pretty fun. People were less scarier friendlier than I thought. The wonderful people from St Gerard’s Monastery down in Wellington also “adopted” my cards for their fundraising event. I am humbled and blessed beyond words!

Since this is a comeback post, I thought it would be apt to have a recap on some of the cards I created during my “absence”. Funny how when crafting juices are low I tend to be inclined towards making multiple of the same cards?

Hope you find something here today that inspires you to create. Feel free to drop me a line if you would like to know more about my creations.

I’ll be back with more so watch this space!